- Gens is a power system and you can earn contribution points and reward from PVP against the opposing Gens.

- You can either choose ‘Gens Vanert’ or ‘Gens Duprian’ when you reach Level 50.

Gens NPC

- If you want to join Gens, you should visit stewards of each Gens

(Gens Vanert Reicht: Noria[167,100], Gens Duprian Steward : Lorencia[144,127])

- You can get Gens quests from two stewards such as joining Gens or leaving Gens.

How to join Gens?

- You can join Gens by speaking with one of leaders.

- You can’t join both gens at the same time.

- You can check your Gens information with hotkey ‘B’.

Leaving Gens

- Please note your contribution point will be reset once you leave Gens.

- After you leave your Gens, you can immediately join the same Gens immediately.