Guide Quest System

New Quest System

  • 1. Guide Quest
  • 1) Quest UI Change
    • (1) Around 200 Quests will be added to Guide Quest Tap.

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    • (2) You will automatically accept the quest depend on your level. You will proceed one event at a time. [You can receive rewards in Quest Information Window without going through NPC]

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  • 2) Quest Details
    • (1) Quests consist of Moving to designated Area/Collecting Item/Hunting Monsters/Reaching Level/Completing Quests.

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    • (2) For smooth sailing for completing quests, “Go Now” Button has been added.
      (If you click “Go Now” Button, you will be warped to the map and reach the destination automatically.)

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    • (3) If you abort the quest you received, you will receive next quest immediately. You cannot receive previous quests again.

    • (4) Those quests are not mandatory and if you select the checkbox next to title of a chapter, the whole chapter will be aborted.