4th Skill Tree – Skill Enhancement Tree

1. Use of skill enhancement tree

1) Conditions of using an enhancement skill tree

  • (1) Calling out skill enhancement tree’s UI
  • Players can use skill enhancement tree in order to strengthen their character
  • You can call out skill enhancement tree by pressing Ctrl + A or pressing icon ‘skill enforcement’ in the character’s information window
  • Skill enhancement tree points’ collection and use
  • Each time you level up your character, you can collect 1 point
  • When you want to enforce your skill, click on the skill enhancement tree slot and use points
  • [Skill Enhancement Tree preferences]

    2. Enforcing skills through skill enhancement tree

    1) Class’ skill strengthening

  • (1) Main skill enforcement – Class
  • You can enforce main skill for every class
  • If you are using skill enhancement tree, the enforced skill will be applied instead of the selected skill
  • List of the enforced main skills for the class

    (2) Skill enhancement options

  • You can apply additional effect by strengthening the skill enhancement option according to the tree configuration in the main reinforcement skill.
  • Enhanced Skill Enhancement option is applied when using the connected main skill, and does not apply to any other skill.
  • Depending on the function of the main skill, the skill enhancement options are applied separately.

  • [Skill enhancement options ]

    (3) Debuff enforcement options

  • A) Settings of debuff enforcement options
  • a. Depending on the main skill enhancement tree configuration, you can enforce debuff option and apply its effect to the enemy
  • b. Enhanced debuff options can only be applied to the main skill
  • c. Depending on the type of the main skill, debuff options are applied separately
  • d. 4 debuffs can be applied to the enemy
  • * Season 12 part 2 allows debuffs to be applied only on mosters, in near future it will allow to apply on PVP

  • B) Debuff option types and classification
  • a. Debuff option, that is attached to the skill, allows enemy to experience greater attack
  • b. You can apply default debuff option through the enforced debuff option. You can upgrade your enforced debuff option and it will be applied to your attack.
  • [Debuff classification]

    Classification Default Debuff Upgraded debuff
    Poison Deadly Poison Addiction
    Bleeding Bleeding Excesive Bleeding
    Feeeze Feeeze Deadly Feeeze
    Shock Shock Stun
  • C) Debuff and upgraded debuff application
  • a. In the skill enhancement tree you can increase debuff probability, but it can be applied only to main skill. And depending on the main skill probability, debuff probability also changes.
  • b. After you enforce default ‘debuff probability increase’ option, you can enforce ‘upgraded debuff probability increase’ option. After that you can apply upgraded debuff to your enemy
  • Enforcement status Applying debuff option to the target
    Default debuff option enforcement Depending on main skill‘s enhanced probability debuff will be applied to the target
    Default debuff option enforcement +
    Debuff upgrade option enforcement
    1. Depending on main skill‘s enhanced probability debuff will be applied to the target
    2. If enemy has default debuff option, depending on the probability, you can upgrade your debuff option  (If target doesn‘t use default debuff option, you can‘t upgrade)

    [Debuff enforcement options]

    (4) Debuff explosion skill

  • When you want to attack using upgraded debuff, you can see ‘new active skill’ (explosion skill). If you use it, you can cause bigger damage
  • If you use an explosion skill on the target, upgraded debuff option is removed and can be used later
  • [New active skill usage conditions and effects]

    New active skill Usage condition Default usage effect Removed debuff
    Poison storm Addiction debuff has to be applied Addiction effect explodes and enemy‘s monster is effected by poison Removes enemy‘s addiction debuff
    Frozen Slaughter Deadly freeze debuff has to be applied Deadly freeze effect explodes and enemy‘s monster receives splash damage Removes target‘s deadly freeze debuff
    Bleeding Hit Excessive bleeding debuff has to be applied Excessive bleeding effect explodes and enemy‘s defense is reduced for the certain time Removes target‘s excessive bleeding debuff
    Stun Boom Stun debuff has to be applied Stun effect explodes and target gets blinded. Removes target‘s stun debuff