1. Swamp of Darkness - Boss Zone

1) Entry to the Boss Zone
  • - Can go to the boss zone by using the gates on (12, 158) and (241, 91).
  • - There are no restrictions to entry the boss zone.
  • - Up to 10 people can be admitted.
  • 2) Boss Monster
  • - Boss appears randomly between 18 and 24 hours.
  • Swamp Monster
    image Characteristic
    It uses the power of the Earth
    Known as a Monster that creates life.
    It has a Sharp mouth that uses to attack.
    Skill information
    Spit Summons
    It jumps and bites the target. Summon Swamp Monster Pet.

    Swamp Monster - Pet
    image Characteristic
    Similar to the Swamp Monster.
    It's smaller but really strong.
    Skill information
    It attacks the characters by blowing smoke through the mouth.
    The smoke spreads in a fan shape and damages the characters inside it.

    Water Monster
    image Characteristic
    It becomes more and more powerful
    by sucking the power of water.
    It uses water as an attack source.
    Skill information
    It spreads waves in a straight line and deals damage.
    Water Course
    It pours water from the sky and deals damage.
    It moves to Water Source and starts Healing.

    Monster of water
    image Characteristic
    This is the God of Darkness.
    It's surrounded by a dark aura.
    Enough powerful to be called god.
    It's really strong.
    It absorbs life around it.
    Mainly using long sleeves to attack.
    Skill information
    It puts a weapon surrounded by flames
    down on the floor.
    As weapon disappeared
    the earth is divided and the flames
    come up and attack.
    It spreads black smoke all over the floor
    and kills everything inside it when it explodes.
  • - God of Darkness takes time to appear.
  • - If you do not do it within the time limits, all the characters in the boss zone will be moved.
  • 3) Boss Monster Raising Notice
  • - You can see if the boss is currently in sight in Swamp of Darkness safe zone.
  • Five minutes before boss appeared Boss appeared No boss