Wings lvl 3 Creation

Condor Feather Creation

    Wings lvl 2 ( S2 ) Min +9+4
    1 Bundle Jewel of soul x 10
    1 Jewel Jewel of chaos
    1 Jewel of Creations
    To increase % you need Greater Spirit Stone

1.Creation of Greater Spirit Stone :

Select 2nd option in Chaos Machine " Create a runny stone "

NOTE: To create Greater Spirit Stone , you need ancient item min +7+4, The rate of creation depends on the selling price of the product, if the price is low the same may not create stones.

2. Creating " Feather of condor"
Acess regular combination

NOTE: Max rate 60%

2. Wings mix
Items needed for the combination

  • 1 Feather of Condor
  • 1 Condor Flame
  • 1 Bundle Jewel of bless x30
  • 1 Bundle Jewel of Souls x30
  • 1 Bundle Jewel of Chaos x30
  • 1 Bundle Jewel of Creations x30
  • Intermediate Spirit Stone
How Create Intermediate Spirit Stone :
Select in Chaos Machine this option " Create a runny stone "

NOTE: To create Intermediate Sipirit Stone , you need excellents itens +7+4 or higher

Last stip, acess regular Chaos Machine combination