1. Add new skill and changed skill

1) Added new Rage Fighter skill
Spirit Hook Rage Fighter
Skill name Spirit Hook (general skill)
Where to obtain You can purchase 'Spirit Hook Parchment' through NPC James in Elbeland.
Learning condition Stamina 1048, Chain Drive Enhancement 10P
Skill effect Rage Fighter deals damage to a target within a certain range of proximity.
When using skill, it deals 4 damage to each target in the range, and additional damage probability is applied.
2) Rage Fighter Skill Enhancement Tree Changes
  • - 4th tree 'Chain Drive Enhancement' skill is removed, 'Spirit Hook Enhancement' is added instead.
  • 3) Grow Lancer Shining Peek changes
  • - Damage range that was applied to existing circle is changed to attack direction range setting.
  • - Eliminated cooldown on skill.
  • 4) Grow Lancer Skill Enhancement Tree Changes
  • - Shining Peek Enhancement cooldown remove and increase distance has been changed to increase attack range and increase attack speed.
  • 2. Debuff option (skill) Attack power setting applied

    1) Apply the debuff damage setting
  • Damage option with fixed damage value and attack power setting for debuff explosion skill.
  • - Debuff damage
  • ① Damage setting based on character level is applied to damage of deadly poison debuff with fixed damage.
  • ② The higher the character level, the greater damage done by the attack.
  • ③ You can further enhance your poison damage by adding options to enhance your poisoning effect.
  • - Debuff explosion skill damage
  • > Poison Storm
  • > Frozen Slaughter
  • > Bleeding Heat
  • > Stern Boom
  • ① Damage based on character level apply to explosive skills with fixed damage.
  • ② The higher the level of the character using the explosion skill, the greater the explosion damage.
  • 3. Add monster debuff resistance and defense set

    1) Monster Debuff Resistance, Defensive Enforcement Setting

    - Apply Monster Debuff Resistance

  • Monster debuff resistance is applied to reduce the probability that the character has to debuff application.
    Example: When the character debuff application probability is 45% and the monster debuff resistance value is 10%
    = Probability of applying debuff (45%) - Monster debuff resistance (10%) = Debuff application probability (35%)
  • - Apply monster debuff defense

  • When a character applies a certain debuff to a monster, the defense setting against debuff damage is applied.
    Example: If the debuff damage is 1000, and the debuff defense is 100
    = Debuff damage (1000) - debuff defense force (100) = debuff damage (900)